Featured in scenes and held by recognized talent, your product used in an adult film adds a level of legitimacy as well as ability to co-market and drive sales through online and printed tie-ins.

Perfume, apparel, affiliated and ancillary products that appeal to the adult film consumer have a place for casual inclusion. These are more than an “in use” product, but rather a preferred brand of the performers and characters of the production..

Imagine additional funding to upgrade equipment, add more locations, expand cast or spend on enhanced titles, graphics, cover art and and more! Our clients are looking to contribute to the production’s success.

IPP specializes in custom produced content featuring your products and brands.

Through our relationships with top agencies, individual performers and seasoned crews, IPP creates unique and compelling opportunities within scripted features to further a company’s awareness. In addition to placement, the rights of customized content extends from producer and distributor directly to you, the co-financier. With the ability to market your products directly and indirectly through your inclusion, IPP is providing a multi-layered platform to increase awareness, perception and sales.

Talk to your IPP representative today to schedule a complimentary market analysis and explore the opportunities that await in product placement.

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